Chianti Alonna Idley was born on February 1, 2007.  She was raised in a household with her mother, her father as well as her two brothers and two sisters with Chianti being the middle child. We were a family anchored in faith, love and togetherness that had such a tight bond that there would not be many occasions where all seven of us were not together. Kiki, as she was more affectionately known, was loved by not only her very large family of cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents, but she also had a lasting effect on her friends and classmates that knew her. That is why on October 6th 2021 we were absolutely devastated when Chianti died by suicide and left us with a hole in not only our hearts, but also in a household that had never experienced separation from each another.

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Chianti did not have a history of mental illness, she had never taken any medication, there were not any issues of bullying at school and there were no signs that she was depressed, stressed, lonely or anything else that would cause her to be unhappy. We lost our beautiful daughter and to make matters worse, we were left with the daily question that seemed to make the pain and sadness much more intense … why? This one word may leave an individual dealing with a tragedy paused in a position where they could have a hard time moving forward because of the difficult challenge of slipping past the mystery of why? What if the answer to the question of why is a lot less complicated than we think? After Kiki passed, we tirelessly sifted through her room, her book bag, her locker, her phone and every one of her belongings eagerly searching for a clue that would get us closer to an answer for our present circumstance.

Unfortunately, the result was a whole bunch of empty theories that really didn’t make any sense. Another problem with our investigation was that every assumption of the cause brought another emotion that added to the grieving process. Of course, there was unshakable sadness and regret that led to guilt and occasionally transformed into anger and many other unexplainable emotions but ultimately, we ended up where we started … sadness. This endless cycle of possible reasons followed by the painful emotions had now replaced every second of idol time throughout our day. A family that moved with genuine happiness and joy had now been reduced to individuals trying to stay busy to avoid slipping back into the helpless mental circle of why. This experience was so painful and traumatic that faith also came into question. Why?

We have always believed and accepted that everything happens for a reason but in this particular situation it made the question much more profound. Why did this happen? Round and round, back and forth the cycle continued until we realized that may have been the answer all along. EVERYTHING happens for a reason. Regardless of whether or not we are able to figure out God’s reasoning, what happened was supposed to happen. What if on February 1st 2007, the day Chianti was born, it was written that God would bring her home on October 6th 2021? What if some other force

had control over the way in which she passed and not the day she passed which may be designed to keep us glued to the miserable routine of why? If you knew that to be fact it probably wouldn’t change how much your loved one is missed but would it change the countless questions and emotions that have been attached to your grief? Well it did for us. What is supposed to be will be and it is not our place to figure out why it is supposed to be. Our responsibility is to be giving, to be happy and joyful and to continue to shine our lights like we are supposed to be.

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There was so much love for Kiki that it didn’t seem right to allow the countless memories of her angelic spirit to end with the day God brought her home. So as a family we decided to start a foundation in Chianti’s name not to raise awareness on the way in which she passed, but to shine a light on the way in which she lived.  Kiki could fit in with an older group or have fun with toddlers, it didn’t matter and she was always willing to participate whether it was art, music, board games or physical activities. And you would be given her undivided attention. She was blessed with many gifts but was particularly drawn to music and art. She really loved singing, song writing, and composing her own music for the songs she wrote. No matter what she was doing, you would always hear her singing and/or see her doodling on anything near. While she loved drawing, she also did origami, sculpting, rock painting and even taught herself to play many musical instruments.

It seemed as if her time was never wasted and she had an ability to never be bored. The passion Chianti showed when creating art or learning a piece of music was rivaled only by her unconditional love for people and her strong desire to give. She was a kind and gentle spirit and had a voluntary willingness to help anyone in any situation, even if it meant putting them ahead of herself. Through her foundation those same qualities will continue as we aim to fulfill a mission that Kiki would have been proud to participate in.

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The Key is Caring

We have always and still do believe in doing good and helping others where we can. Chianti’s gamer tag was keyiscarin and it’s only fitting that her foundation carries on that name. Since she was so caring and had such a giving spirit, if other needs arise and we are able to assist, we will not hesitate to do so because that is what she would have done.  She was right, the key is caring. We also believe in transparency and will update our donors and future donors on our progress, keep them abreast of our accomplishments and inform them of needs that are not being met.

The Chianti Idley Music and Art Foundation will primarily assist children from low-income homes, those with disabilities and those who aspire to start or continue their education in the fine arts.

If you would like to apply for free music or art lessons or request a musical instrument, please fill out this application and we will contact you shortly.

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from the foundation’s cause. 

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If you would like to apply for free music or art lessons or request a musical instrument, please fill out this application and we will contact you shortly.